Why Smaller is Smarter When it Comes to Talent Recruiting Firms

Communication can make or break any industry. In the tech world, it needs to be lightning- fast and accurate. In tech recruiting, a large recruiting firm could be at a disadvantage. Too many moving parts can mean less real interaction and understanding. If you’re a prospective employee, it’s easy to feel like a number. Recruiters who aren’t paying attention lose everyone time and money. It’s best to work with a smaller recruiting firm that can lend their expertise to reach your ideal candidate.

In the past, job hunting looked very different than it does today. Applicants spent a lot of time personally searching for placement and tracking down employers. Employers would hemorrhage money searching for qualified applicants or hoping they would contact them. The same thing can happen when using a large recruiting firm. This is why it is so important to use a recruiting firm that understands today’s ever- shifting landscape and streamlines the process for everyone.

 As many business owners know, one advantage of a smaller recruiting firm is that it can change course more quickly and adapt to new situations. Long term relationships are extra important to small recruiting firms, and the details and dynamics of each industry are their tools. You have a better chance of dedicated teams on your case, and better service. A savvy recruiter understands that in the tech industry, the right placement can make the difference between a thriving company and a failing one.

More than ever, technology professionals feel a need to leverage their skills to work for the most innovative, most reputable company possible. Those who truly stand out in their field know their worth, and they need to trust a recruiter to steer them in the right direction. The recruiting firm must take the time to understand the culture of the company, to ensure that a recruit will thrive. It takes time to build those open and honest relationships, and a recruiter needs to protect the interests of both parties while simplifying and streamlining.

While some enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon to create in- house recruitment departments, it is wise to value the resources and market intelligence of nimble firms. Many tech professionals could be great candidates for a more senior role in the near future, with the right coaching. Companies on the move simply cannot afford the time to spend planting and growing potential future hires. Recruitment firms already have extensive knowledge of trends, pay rates, benefit negotiations, and what the competitor is up to. They also already might know your ideal candidate, whereas many companies instead have to filter through applicant after applicant.

 In the end, recruitment is about finding the best possible fit. A large recruiter may have a wide market reach, but will seldom have the personal connection with a candidate necessary to help them take the plunge. Smaller recruiting firms have the connections, resources and insider intel to meet that need, without sacrificing trust.

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